New Power Supply Family with EMI Class B and Power Factor Correction from OMRON

Introduced in 2009, the popular S8JX-G family of power supplies has enjoyed continuous success year after year. In order to improve the reliability and functionality and thus, the range of applications that can be covered, Omron has expanded the range to include the new S8JX-P family.

The main improvements offered by the S8JX-P models are:
•  Harmonic current suppression / PFC (Power Factor Correction)
•  EMI EN55011 Class B compliance

Additional integrated features have been implemented on high power models (300W & 600W): Remote sensing - to compensate for votage drops on the load lines
•  Remote control - by using an external signal the output can be turned ON and OFF without removing the input voltage
•  Alarm output - to inform users of power supply errors, such as fan failure or insufficient voltage

The S8JX-P family complements the popular S8JX-G family to cover almost all applications requiring 5, 12, 24 and 48V power supply (15vdc is also available for S8JX-G 15 & 30W). The range covers power ratings of 50, 100, 150, 300 and 600W with all output voltages available across the whole range.

Additionally the S8JX-P has been given a significant size reduction compared to the S8JX-G. For both the 100 and 150W models the overall footprint has been reduced by 25%, while the body size has been reduced by 36% for the 300W model.

The new S8JX-P family offers DIN-rail mounting capability across the complete family, including 600W models. Just like the S8JX-G, up to 5 units of the S8JX-P 300 and 600W models can be connected in parallel, increasing the total power up to a possible 3KW (for the 600W model).

As well as providing PFC functionality and EMI Class B compliance, the S8JX-P also conforms to the relevant safety standards (UL508/60950-1, EN60950-1, EN50178 Overvoltage category III, SEMI F47-0706, etc.).


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