LUMENET 2012 A workshop for PhD research students of the art and science of lighting

LumeNet 2012 will bring together PhD students of lighting and related subjects and an invited panel of leading researchers, to find out what they are doing and to share ideas.

Conferences usually want to hear about your important findings: LumeNet is a forum for discussing how you arrive at these conclusions, such as the experimental procedure you intend to use, how this might be improved and to identify important issues worthy of study. You will therefore be invited to present your research in order to gain critical feedback - the schedule allows much longer time for discussion following each presentation than do typical conferences.

The research panel for LumeNet 2012 includes Peter Boyce, Jens Christoffersen, Kevin Houser, John Mardeljevic, Mike Pointer, Jennifer Veitch and Stephan Völker.

Who should attend?
PhD students studying lighting and related subjects including visual perception, environmental psychology, daylighting, colour and vision. The nature of the feedback will probably benefit best those in the first and second years of their research programme. We are currently checking that this event is eligible for ECTS point.

Please apply early as we may need to limit this event to ensure there is sufficient time to discuss each project in depth.

LumeNet 2012
19th-21st June 2012 at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

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