Phoenix Contact: World’s Fastest I/O System is as Simple as Terminal Block

AxiolinePhoenix Contact's Axioline is a real-time I/O system that allows update times of 500 ns to 1 microsecond per terminal block depending on the I/O configuration.

For a system with 256 I/Os, the system update time is less than six microseconds, which is comparable to a distance of 1,000'metres with parallel cabling. This corresponds to the physical transfer rate required by an electrical signal to bridge a distance of around 100'metres of cable.

Axioline is highly EMC optimizedm satisfying the most demanding requirements with regard to its electromagnetic compatibility and radiation without any additional measures, and can be used in residential areas and on ship bridges without having to be integrated into another shielded connection box.

The shock and vibration resistance is identical to that of a terminal block. The system was designed to handle a continuous shock of at least 10'g. It has a standard operating temperature range of -25 to +60°C.

The modules can be assembled without tools and with a safe snap-fit. The terminal block itself can be exchanged at any time, while the wiring is installed using pluggable terminals so that the user has the option to exchange the entire block or just the I/O.

At a height of 50'millimeters, the Axioline terminal blocks are also mechanically compatible with modular terminal blocks. In addition, they are suitable for standard control cabinets with a flat width of 80'millimeters and can be combined with installation aids such as crest rails.

Due to the technological similarity of the Axioline system bus to a Fast Ethernet system, Axioline offers a suitable I/O periphery for Ethernet systems.

The I/O system comes with an initial product range of terminal blocks and bus couplers. The first Axioline bus coupler is equipped for Profinet RT and IRT. However, a Sercos'III'coupler is also available, which allows two central bus systems for current motion control applications to be covered by Axioline.

This opens up innovation opportunities for mechanical and plant engineering. The basic system makes it possible for future developments to take off in a variety of directions. In relation to system integration, this includes the connection to further, overlaid busses.

The existing Axioline terminal block program is at an early stage in development as regards its modularity. Smaller modules for granular adjustment to singular I/O signal forms will be available shortly, says the company.


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