Protect Your Data Signals

cameraWith the evolution of the internet of things (IOT) our world is becoming ever more connected and reliable data communication is critical.

How do you ensure data communication signals remain safe and secure in restricted spaces or harsh environments?

Join us on Thursday September 17th 2020, where we will host two webinars covering the importance of secure data communication signals and will be answering your questions directly in live Q&A sessions afterwards.

10am: Secure data on PCBs

In this webinar we will look at internal board to board data connectivity in industrial environments and discuss the challenges design engineers may encounter when thinking about the reliability of the data transmission. We will also look at the benefits of THR components over wave soldered components and how making a switch to THR could be beneficial under the right circumstances.

2pm: Secure data in the field

In this webinar we cover what constitutes a harsh environment and how to protect data communication signals within them. We show some examples of industrial data connectivity and explain some key differences between copper and fibre-optic based communication types. In the remainder of the webinar we cover innovations in data connectivity closing with a brief introduction of single pair Ethernet, or SPE for short.

To register your place on the webinars, visit our website here