Recolight - The Lighting Industry And The Circular Economy

cycleMuch is being published promoting Circular Economy principles of greater resource efficiency, but how does this impact the lighting industry?

The model calls for reduction of waste, increasing the useful life of products, reusing and recycling more, and reducing reliance on virgin raw materials. Our old linear economy of take, make and dispose is becoming unsustainable.

New European product standards are now being considered which will make many of these requirements mandatory. These are likely to apply to UK lighting manufacturers which sell products in Europe.

Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight will deliver two presentations in February to provide greater insight into this approach. He will explain how the Lighting Industry can benefit from the adoption of Circular Economy principles before they become mandatory.

9 February at the Lighting Industry Association Technical Forum
The LIA holds regular events for its members, Lighting Manufacturers. The Technical Forums are an opportunity meet industry experts and hear from leading lighting specialists about all aspects affecting production of lighting.

21-22 February at LUX Magazine Lighting Fixture Design Conference
The theme for this conference is How to thrive in a disrupted market and is aimed at lighting designers and manufactures.

Recolight are delighted to be invited to both conferences to share our knowledge of the Circular Economy. As a member of EucoLight, the European association for WEEE compliance schemes, Recolight have a voice in the EU, and are therefore able to work on behalf of compliance scheme members to ensure EU regulation is right for the lighting industry

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About Recolight

Recolight is the leading UK WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, taking on responsibility for its members’ WEEE compliance, giving their customers access to the UK’s most comprehensive free lamp collection and recycling service, and helping to ensure that as many lamps as possible are kept out of landfill.

Recolight’s comprehensive offering makes it the preferred WEEE scheme for the lighting industry, setting the standard for the sector. It is the only WEEE compliance scheme in the UK to provide integrated Lamp and Luminaire collection and recycling. It has the biggest UK-wide network of over 3000 collection points. As a result, since its founding in 2007, Recolight has funded the recycling of over 260 million lamps, LEDs and luminaires, more than all other UK WEEE schemes put together.

In 2012, Recolight won “Recycling and Waste Management Business of the Year” at the National Recycling Awards and Nigel Harvey, Recolight’s CEO, was recognised as LUX Person of the Year.