New IP65 Insert Compression Latch/Lock from FDB Panel Fittings

6 504 insert lockPart of the new 6-500 range from FDB Panel Fittings, the 6-504 shares the novel roller cam action with the addition of an integral insert lock for double bar or similar tool operation.

The 6-504 clamps easily over a 20mm range providing IP65 protection with a suitable gasket. The unusual roller cam ensures especially easy operation on large industrial control cabinets and has an anti-vibration characteristic which is useful in many applications, so preventing nuisance opening of equipment doors.

The 6-504 is especially designed to operate with a flat rod system and may be expanded to a multi-point arrangement with the addition of 6-510 latching elements for larger doors with no protruding handle or knob, so presenting a particularly clean door surface for safety in narrow access areas.


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