Weidmuller Marking Systems for the Entire Cabinet MultiMark is the Smart all-in-one Solution

MultiMarkWith its new MultiMark marking system, Weidmüller is offering convincing and economical marking solutions for the control cabinet in machinery and plant engineering.

Generally speaking, the complexity of connectivity is on the rise, as is the need for systematic and fast identification in the control cabinet, particularly in view of Industry 4.0. Markings are a basic prerequisite if built-in components are to be identified properly. During a service, the control cabinet’s internal arrangement must be ascertainable within a very short space of time. And that’s why the marking system is coming to the fore. Coordinated systems that combine printers and modular terminal block, conductor, cable and device markers are ideal.

Weidmüller has developed such a smart “all-in-one system” for specialist electrical companies, servicing and maintenance. The MultiMark marking solution combines the THM MMP thermal transfer printer and modular terminal block, conductor, cable and device markers within a single sophisticated concept. MultiMark is a system of markers that perfectly caters to both current and future requirements with the precisely coordinated M-Print® PRO software and printer technology and that proves to be extremely economical for both small and medium project sizes.

The Dekafix and WS modular terminal block markers in the MultiMark system are designed as continuous strips and are synonymous with quick and safe snap-on compatibility in the composite material. With the Dekafix and WS ranges, users quickly get printable and installable markers that are highly resistant to both vibrations and shock. The marking process is simple and efficient. All you have to do is place the continuous strip’s first marker in the first modular terminal block’s marking channel. Then, move your thumb along the continuous marker towards the end of the terminal strip and thus the terminal strip is marked in next to no time.

In the case of the MultiMark modular terminal block markers, the clever composite material ensures perfect usage and handling. The hard, solid plastic base therefore ensures that the marker can be reliably snapped into place, while an elastic outer material that is very easy to grip makes installation easier. With an output of 250 Dekafix markers per minute, the system meets ambitious requirements too. The modular terminal block markers are coordinated to the modular terminal block families from Weidmüller and achieve both a firm grip and durable printing quality. The MultiMark system also includes the TM-I, WM and SFX conductor and cable markers and the SM, CC, ESG and EL device markers.


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