An Evolution In Office Lighting Solutions From Sylvania

Sylvania Panel LEDSylvania, by international lighting manufacturer Feilo Sylvania, has introduced two new products to its highly successful EVO LED Range – the Start PanelLED G2 and PanelLED 2.

The EVO LED Range brings together a range of energy-efficient, reliable and cost effective luminaires and lamps to help installers and contractors get the right products for their jobs. The Start PanelLED G2 and PanelLED 2 are both easy-to-install and durable solutions for office lighting applications, making them the ideal addition to the EVO LED Range.

Start PanelLED G2
Start PanelLED G2 is a versatile 43W LED recessed luminaire, which is equally suited to retrofit and new applications. Available in two colour temperatures of warm white 3,000K and neutral white 4,000K, the Start PanelLED G2 has a lifetime of 50,000 hours, therefore requiring minimum maintenance. Designed for 600 x 600mm ceiling panels, the luminaire ensures homogenous distribution of light and is quick and easy to install. The luminaire features a slim profile of 86mm for a minimal impact into the ceiling void, making it an ideal solution for quick and straightforward upgrades.

Delivering a luminaire lumen output of 4,510lm, with a total system efficiency of 105lm/W on the 4,000K version, the luminaire provides the energy-saving benefits of LED technology. The range is suitable for open planned general and office lighting applications such as circulation areas, meeting rooms, corridors, and breakout areas.  With an ability to achieve A++ energy ratings, the luminaire is a cost-effective solution.

PanelLED 2
The PanelLED 2 is a range of low profile LED recessed luminaires offering efficient light quality and is available in two versions: High Efficiency (HE) and High Output (HO). The High Efficiency (HE) model delivers a high efficacy of 3,207lm (luminaire lumen output on 4000K version), equating to 94lm/W (total system efficiency) while the High Output (HO) model delivers a high performance of 3,832lm (luminaire lumen output on 4000K version), equating to 91lm/W (total system efficiency).

The 34W PanelLED 2 HE and 42W PanelLED 2 HO versions are designed specifically for use in office environments, and feature a sleek design to minimise the impact into the ceiling void. The luminaires are constructed with a white body (RAL9016) and an Opal PMMA diffuser to ensure no light is lost inside the luminaires. Delivering 50,000 hours of life, the luminaires hold IP44 rating that provides cover resistance to water spray.

Available in 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 300mm modules, the PanelLED 2 range is a recessed LED solution sharing the same aesthetics as that of T5 or T8 diffuse luminaire. The luminaire has a screw in connector, which makes it easy-to-install and offers peace of mind to contractors and installers. The luminaire also comes with energy efficient control gear including DALI dimmable and three hour emergency versions as standard.

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