Socomec Delivers 20 Energy Storage Systems - 2 MW / 4MWh - to US Intelligent Energy Leader Stem

Socomec’s SUNSYS PCS² storage converterLeading European manufacturer of energy storage solutions, Socomec, launches UL certified systems in the USA.

With over 45 years’ experience in UPS, integrated power specialist, Socomec, has developed a range of modular and flexible systems that convert and store energy in order to manage fluctuations in demand.

A total of twenty 100kW UL approved power conversion SUNSYS PCS² systems – with 200 kWh lithium-batteries and all the necessary protection - have been delivered to Stem, the leading provider of intelligent energy storage. Stem is currently deploying the first 20 systems at enrolled customers’ commercial and industrial buildings throughout California.

The SUNSYS PCS² is integrated with Stem’s edge computing equipment and controlled by Stem’s learning software, which uses big data and predictive analytics to feed stored energy back into the building during periods of peak demand. By optimizing when electricity is drawn from the grid, the owners and operators of commercial buildings will benefit from the automated reduction of electricity bills.

Armand Adande, Managing Director for Socomec Inc., explains: “By using Socomec fully integrated hardware system with his SW platform, Stem is able to provide to final customer a turnkey energy storage solution that introduces greater efficiencies and simplifies the deployment process. The result is a safer system combined with a straightforward, cost effective installation and approval program, enabling users to take advantage of reduced energy costs.”

“Stem is pleased to work with Socomec as one of our technology suppliers,” said Daniel Elizalde, Director of Product Management at Stem. “We have integrated their battery and converter with our best-in-class software and found the product to be responsive and able to deliver meaningful results to customers and the grid.”

Socomec’s SUNSYS PCS² storage converter is based on proven technology from its established UPS business, with a global installed base of more than 10 GW to date.

The SUNSYS PCS² has been approved by Southern California Edison for connection into its network, with the first systems installed in California.


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