Dialight’s New Green LED Safety Shower Stainless Steel Luminaire Includes Integrated Battery Backup

SafeSite® Stainless Steel Green LED Linear Safety Shower luminaireWorld’s First ATEX-Certified, IP 66/67 Rated Green LED Product Improves Safety, Withstands Extreme Conditions, Enables Easy, Stand-Alone Installation on Existing Infrastructure

Dialight has launched its new SafeSite® Stainless Steel Green LED Linear Safety Shower luminaire that provides 5 full years of maintenance-free performance to ensure site safety. The new product is the first ATEX-certified safety shower luminaire of its kind with a built-in battery backup system for easy installation on existing wiring infrastructure.

The 2-foot stainless steel fitting is highly resistant to corrosive materials, and extremely durable for hot, cold, wet and high-vibration applications, such as offshore drilling platforms, chemical facilities and other harsh environments. An operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C ensures reliable performance in any extreme climate including a full three-hour duration of emergency green light even at -20°C.

The system is designed to replace conventional fluorescent fittings that require frequent lamp changes and rely on green-coloured lens films that are prone to peeling and fading. Unlike these high-maintenance products, Dialight’s new stainless LED system uses green, long-life LEDs backed by a 5-year, full-performance warranty for exceptional reliability, improved safety and a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs and demands. The essential green colour required for safety shower applications is derived from the green LED’s sealed inside, which ensures colour consistency is maintained with no need for externally mounted green films.

The fitting is L70 rated for over 100,000 hours of performance and dependable lumen maintenance, and the product is factory sealed with both IP 66 and 67 ratings for water and dust ingress protection.

The built-in battery eliminates the need for an auxiliary battery or UPS system that requires added wiring, infrastructure and maintenance. The Dialight product can be installed quickly and easily on existing wiring for fast retrofit and upgrade to a more reliable and cost-effective system.

“The rugged, low-profile design of our Stainless Steel SafeSite Linears has already proven to be superior to anything else on the market in a variety of applications,” said Stuart Head, Product Manager at Dialight. “The addition of green LEDs and the built-in emergency battery pack make this an ideal product for safety showers, resolving all of the biggest challenges of conventional solutions in critical Zone 1 and 21 applications. Personnel safety is paramount to operators, and this product eases some of those burdens by offering a solid product, requiring minimal maintenance.”

The product offers a wide range of mounting options including pole clamp, eyelet and surface mount, plus wall mounting at 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees.


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