Crompton Lamps Expand Team To Offer More LED Solutions

Howard GreenCrompton Lamps, one of the UK’s leading lamps and LED specialists, has announced the appointment of Howard Green who joins the company in a national role to develop the Phoebe LED fixtures range for the company.

Green brings over forty years of experience from the wholesale and lighting industry to Crompton and has been at the forefront of LED development over the last ten years at a senior level.

The role at Crompton is a new one, created specifically to focus on development of the Phoebe range of fittings, which will be a key area for growth and development over the coming years. The first new products from the range will be available later in the first quarter of the year.

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About Crompton Lamps
Crompton Lamps is one of the UK’s leading lamp and LED specialists, it is also one of the oldest lamp businesses in the world, founded in 1878 by the late Colonel Crompton, an entrepreneur with an interest in electricity.