Switchtec’s Push On PCB Connectors are Very Reliable and Save Time and Manufacturing Costs

Euroclamp PVS FseriesDistributed by Switchtec, Euroclamp’s PVSF series terminal blocks allow installers to rapidly fit wires and cables to PCBs, providing a low cost, reliable solution.

The product has been developed to meet the needs of customers demanding PCB terminal block headers for applications where Faston connectors are used to connect cables.  This type of connection allows installers to rapidly fit cables to PCBs without using tools, giving a speedy and reliable connection.  It is also a useful form of connection for when maintenance is carried out as wiring can be rapidly removed compared to screw or soldered terminal types.

The ubiquitous, traditional screw plug-in connector has always been the main method of connecting wires to a PCB.  However there are drawbacks associated with screw technology. The tightness of the clamping screw depends entirely on the installer, and if not tightened enough could result in loose wires with intermittent connections and poor reliability, equally if overtightened, wires could be severed again resulting in poor long term reliability.  

Euroclamp’s PVSF PC header from Switchtec provides a secure and uniform connection across each terminal. The headers are also quicker to use as no tightening of screws is required.  Hence they are ideal for mass production where rapid, low cost installation is needed.

Offering a compact solution for PCB interconnections, PVSF headers have a compact construction standing only 4.5mm from the PCB (plus the height of the Faston blade), hence they take up less space on the PCB, enabling smaller PC boards and more compact assemblies.

For complete design flexibility the PVSF series headers are offered from two-way all the way up to 30-way types in single steps, all in one profile style. Additionally, the headers are also stackable, so they can be added together without change in pitch, e.g. 10+10 provides for 20-ways, while maintaining a 10-way pitch.  For flexibility the headers can be supplied with a single or double pin for PCB mounting, and also in five Faston sizes; 2.8 x 0.5mm, 2.8 x 0.8mm, 4.8 x 0.5mm, 4.8 x 0.8mm and 6.3 x 0.8mm.

To meet the needs of different applications, PVSF series headers are available in three pitch sizes for PCB mounting, namely 5, 7.5, and 10mm. So taking into account pitch, Faston sizing and number of ways, there are a possible 435 options.

The PVSF series is a PCB terminals block header with no moving parts, differentiating it from a traditional rising or cage clamp terminal. This removes any user input error that could occur when tightening a traditional screw type terminal block header.

cULus and CE approved, PVSF headers will find favour with PCB manufacturers and populators, OEMs, CEMs, sub-contract manufacturers and distributors.  They are a low cost interconnection solution, with multiple options.  Euroclamp has called upon its vast experience in manufacturing PCB terminal blocks to design and manufacture the PVSF series, and by adapting its existing technologies and processes, the versatile PVSF series terminals has been added to its range of connectors.


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