EucoLight Cautiously Welcomes the Commission’s Circular Economy Package

EucoLightEucoLight, the association of European Lighting WEEE compliance schemes has cautiously welcomed the Circular Economy Package released by the European Commission in December 2015. 

It is particular pleased to observe that the Commission considers Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes, are a key tool of an efficient circular economy.

Commenting on the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey, who is also a Director of EucoLight said “The recommendations include minimum operational requirements for EPR schemes, including WEEE schemes, in new article 8a of the proposal for a revised Waste Directive.  These include principles such as the requirement to provide non-discriminatory services for all participants, transparency of financing by producers, and clear procedures for the procurement of waste services.  We fully support these measures, which would all contribute towards a level playing field for EPR schemes and recyclers.”

He added:  “The proposals also include a requirement to differentiate fees to producers, where products are easier to recycle.  Whilst this will require some thought to legislate and enforce, the benefits to the circular economy are clearly significant.”

He concluded:  “We will study the proposals further.  There are certainly some areas in which greater clarity is required.  But this is definitely a good start.  We are already in dialogue with the European Institutions and other relevant organisations to help make the final legislation a success.”

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About Recolight
Recolight is the leading UK WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, taking on responsibility for its members’ compliance, giving their customers access to the UK’s most comprehensive free lamp collection and recycling service, and ensuring that as many lamps as possible are kept out of landfill.
Recolight’s comprehensive offering and the success of its Members makes it the preferred scheme for the lighting industry, setting the standard for the sector. It is the only WEEE compliance scheme in the UK to provide integrated Lamp and Luminaire recycling. It has the biggest UK-wide network of over 3,200 collection points. As a result, since its founding in July 2007, Recolight has been responsible for funding the recycling of over 225 million lamps, LEDs and luminaires, preventing over 800 kg of mercury from going to landfill.

In 2012, Recolight won “Recycling and Waste Management Business of the Year” at the National Recycling Awards and Nigel Harvey, Recolight’s CEO, was recognised as LUX Man of the Year.

About EucoLight:
EucoLight is The European association of collection and recycling organisations for WEEE lamps and lighting.  On behalf of its 16 members, EucoLight engages with everything related to the WEEE Directive, legislations and standards affecting the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting.

EucoLight is the voice of European WEEE compliance schemes specialised in managing the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting; working to make the circular economy a reality for lighting products

Founded mid-2015, EucoLight has quickly embarked into constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders to provide expertise in the field of management and treatment of WEEE lighting and to promote the positive role of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes on the environment and society.