New DC/DC Converters Ror The Energy Sector From Phoenix Contact

Quint Power DC DC ConcertersThe new DC/DC converters of the Quint Power product range from Phoenix Contact are particularly suited to applications in the energy sector.

With its wide-range input, the DC nominal input voltages from 60 to 72 V and 96 to 110 V are converted into an electrically isolated, adjustable 24 V DC output voltage. In customer or works networks, an island manufacturing capability is typically made available by means of voltage levels of 60, 110 or 220 V DC as battery-buffered, redundant supply voltages. The wide-range devices cover input voltages of 42 to 96 and 67 to 154 V DC without any problems and are used in one-sided grounded networks with mid-point grounding. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established, and monitored in a preventative manner.

All DC/DC converters, power supplies, and redundancy modules of the Quint Power product range support power boost, which continually supplies 1.25 times nominal current. The SFB technology (Selective Fuse Breaking) also reliably triggers standard circuit breakers, by providing six times the rated current for twelve milliseconds. A comprehensive diagnosis is provided by constant monitoring of input and output voltage and output current. The preventive function monitoring visualises critical operating modes and reports them to the controller before errors occur.


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