Lumicom Assist Cumbria County Council with Major Lighting Project

Old Street LightsLumicom is working closely with Cumbria County Council on the disposal and recycling of street lanterns. This is part of a major three year lighting replacement project due to be completed by March 2017.   

The Cumbria CC project aims to replace over 16,000 of the authority’s high pressure and low pressure sodium lanterns that are situated on main roads and arterial routes throughout the county with more energy efficient LED lanterns. The target annual energy saving is estimated at £430k at the end of the project.  

In the first year of the project (2014/1015), Cumbria CC reported 2,500 luminaires were disposed of via the Lumicom WEEE recycling system, which included lanterns in a variety of wattages ranging from 400W to 135W.  The current 2015/2016 luminaire collection figures are reported at 5,600 with a further 2,800 estimated for collection and completion by November 2015 plus 12,000 lanterns scheduled for collection in 2016/17.   Lumicom has also reported its own record breaking results this year as one collection from a Cumbria CC depot alone weighed in at 6.5 tonnes, which is the largest ever single reported collection of WEEE from a single site by the company.

With recycling figures continuing to rise, Lumicom, along with its logistics partner Marwood Electrical Company, has increased its fleet of collection vehicles to cope with demand and to provide a much faster response for the collection of WEEE.  All WEEE collected and contained within Lumicom’s bulk sacks is remotely lifted from each depot using purpose built trucks that incorporate a digital weighing system. This provides accurate, automatic and instant data on the weight of the WEEE that has been collected on site and allows a waste transfer note to be immediately prepared so that the data can be automatically transmitted back to Lumicom’s Operations Dept.

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