Tridonic’s connecDIM Offers A New Dimension In Light Management Systems For Sattler

Sattler OfficesTridonic’s connecDIM light management system has provided individual lighting requirements with the administration offices and the production facilities in the new headquarters of Sattler Lighting in Germany.

The newly constructed building spans approx. 2500 square metres and accommodates a large showroom, generous meeting rooms and offices in addition to storerooms and social areas. Production facilities, warehousing, a dispatch centre, laboratories and workshops are also located at the new site for Sattler a specialist luminaire manufacturer with the whole building controlled by Tridonic’s connecDIM light management system.

Sattler atriumThe building atrium incorporates an impressive foyer stretching over two floors that flows into open plan office space that incorporates ‘office zones’ with workbench desks and various areas designed for ad hoc meetings.

The new building incorporates the latest in energy saving technology with the entire building temperature regulated via underfloor heating and ground loading cooling with an integrated heat pump, which results in very low feed temperatures and low consumption values. To absorb temperature peaks the showroom and the offices have an air-conditioning system integrated in the ceiling which can be controlled by the employees zone by zone.  Lighting throughout the building utilises the latest technology to offer visual comfort as well as being energy efficient.  Long life LED light sources are used together with a differentiated light management system which regulates the artificial lighting according to the amount of available daylight, creating the ideal conditions with optimum energy efficiency based on demand.

Ulrich Sattler, second generation owner and managing director of Sattler Lighting, is enthusiastic about the dynamic lighting system in his company's new headquarters. "Coming into work in the morning is pretty magical. I don't have to fumble for any light switches. The lights go on automatically and then follow me round as I walk through the different areas". There is also the reassurance of knowing that the lights will definitely be switched off when the last person leaves a particular work zone. Ulrich Sattler is also pleased for aesthetic reasons that there are no switches on the walls.

More than 50 sensors send movement and/or ambient light parameters to the Tridonic connecDIM gateway. This is the heart of the system and can control up to 256 luminaires on four DALI lines independently of one another, in other words individually. At Sattler there are two gateways offering a total of eight lines which provides enough freedom to respond with a high degree of flexibility to any changes in the use of rooms and to any future expansion.

The daylight sensors inform Tridonic’s connecDIM gateway whether, how and in which colour and intensity it should switch on or dim the light. The aim is to provide a minimum illuminance of 700 lux at the workstations. "We can set both the illuminance and the light colour (Tunable White) on the basis of demand", explained Gisbert Schubert, Tridonic Technical Sales Service. It is therefore possible to control the colour temperature to simulate the changes in natural daylight over the course of a day. "The system tells us the sunrise and sunset times", added Gisbert Schubert.

Lighting control with tabletThe Tridonic connecDIM light management system is based on standard hardware and internet technologies, which means users do not have to invest in expensive specialist hardware and software. Once connected to the internet, the gateway collects all the data and parameters from all the connected DALI devices and transfers them via TCP/IP to the central connecDIM cloud. connecDIM is easy to control from a PC or via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Ulrich Sattler is convinced that the connecDIM light management system was the right decision for the new headquarters. The importance of differentiated and individually controllable lighting for offices has been underlined by numerous studies, not least by the global user study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute in cooperation with Zumtobel. "In our new building we now have a flexible lighting concept that can be ndividually adapted to suit the needs of our employees in administration and in production", he commented. Lighting that is tailored to the needs of users has been shown to improve their well-being and make workplaces more attractive which is very evident in the new Sattler headquarters.


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Project: New building, Sattler Lighting, Göppingen,
Architects: Rolf Loew, Stuttgart,
Interior designer: Raiserlopes, Stuttgart,    

Tridonic products used:
connecDIM Gateway G1
DALI interface module RS232 PS/S
MSensor 5DPI 14rc
DALI XC control module
DALI-RM/S 4x10A switching cabinet relay
Mains adapter for x-touchPANEL