Glamox Launches A New Family Of Decorative LED Luminaires

Cruise ship stairsWith the introduction of LED technology, the international lighting industry has gained a new light source that is more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes and other conventional light sources.

The efficiency and life span of LED continues to improve, and LED luminaires are virtually maintenance-free. This means that ships and installations with LED lighting are benefiting from lower operating costs than vessels with conventional luminaires.

Glamox International has now launched a completely new series of architectural luminaires based on LED technology. The use of modern LED light sources has made it possible to reduce the size of these new luminaires, compared to traditional fixtures, which tend to be more bulky.

Introducing AL60/61
The new AL60/AL61 family from Glamox is a series of robust luminaires with an elegant expression – specially designed for LED. The family consists of five members; a berth light, a mirror light, a surface-mounted cabin light, a surface-mounted luminaire for indoor use and a surface-mounted luminaire for outdoor use. The luminaires are suitable for applications such as cabins, corridors, lounges, bathrooms and entrance areas. The AL60/AL61 family is designed and approved for marine applications.

The journey of the AL60/AL61 began by talking to ship architects and ship owners to discover what they needed in their assortment and what their requirements were. A complete family of luminaires that covers these needs in the accommodation area and external areas of the ship with a modern and elegant design were the outcomes of these discussions.

Norwegian design
The luminaires were designed by the young Norwegian designer Hans Bleken Rud. “The manufacturing process is particularly detailed when it comes to the casting of the aluminium body. After the casting process, the luminaire is milled on all visible surfaces. The finish of the AL60 luminaires is made with a high level of detailing. This gives them an elegant look and underlines the quality,” says Bleken Rud.

The initial investment of an onboard LED installation may be higher than that of a traditional lighting installation, but the LED’s lower energy consumption and associated maintenance costs means that the difference in price is quickly paid off. The new AL60/61 family combines energy savings with elegant design and robust long-life technology.


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