The LIA’s New Laboratory and Learning Centre Taking Shape

LIA ground worksThe building works for these two exciting project have commenced and are due to be completed in early 2016.

Already the UK’s largest independent lighting test laboratory, the LIA Laboratories’ new facility will house ‘state-of-the-art’ testing equipment that ordinarily would be out of reach of many of the Lighting SME’s, creating a UK wide national lighting-testing asset.

The LIA are also developing a Learning Centre to serve the whole lighting supply chain. Being sited at the Lighting Industry Association’s HQ in Telford, This will consist of a purpose built learning environment, new course materials and delivery methodology that would enable companies to train their staff and their supply chains on the benefits, limitations and capabilities of lighting technologies.

These projects will ensure that the LIA on behalf of its Members and the UK Lighting Industry will be in a position to address the training needs as well as being better equipped to the issues facing the product performance issues of the industry.

LIA Visual“These new facilities will be a fantastic asset for the industry. Consequently jobs will be secured and created both within the Lighting Industry Association itself but also across the Lighting Industry as a whole”.


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Ground Works : L-R
Steve Davies, CEO, The Lighting Industry Association, Iain Grant, Contracts Manager, Pochin Construction Ltd, Paul Hinkins, Chair of Telford Business Board and Tony Howells, BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)