New Power Supplies For Machine Production From Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact power suppliesThe new generation of the Trio Power power supply range from Phoenix Contact has been specially developed for use in machine production. All functions and the compact design have been tailored to the strict requirements in this area.

The electrically and mechanically robust power supply units ensure reliable supply to all consumers, even under adverse environmental conditions. For high system availability of all machines and systems, seven new power supply units provide the dynamic power boost of 150 percent of rated current for five seconds, making it possible to start even heavy loads. The robust design that offers high shock and vibration resistance and dielectric strength, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) values of over one million hours, and active function monitoring with DC-OK LED and a floating signal contact ensure a reliable supply of all connected 24V DC consumers.

The range includes four single-phase and three three-phase power supply units with output currents of 3 to 20 amps. Tool-free wiring with push-in connection technology saves time during installation. The compact design means less space is required in the control cabinet, for instance, the three-phase 20A device is only 68 mm in width. The wide temperature range from -25 to +70°C and reliable starting of devices at -40°C guarantee a high level of versatility. The broad input voltage range for all conventional AC and DC networks and the comprehensive certification package mean that the devices can be used worldwide. Compensating for voltage drops is no problem with an adjustable output voltage (24-28V DC).


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