Colour-coded Marshalling System with Push-in Connection Technology from Phoenix Contact

PTRV marshalling systemPhoenix Contact now offers compact marshalling connectors and patch-boards featuring an innovative colour guidance system, with the freely assignable connection point colours providing a clear layout during signal wiring.

The new PTRV marshalling terminals and PTMC marshalling patch-boards feature a compact modular design that allows for 20 percent higher packing densities. With the honeycomb design, the individual elements snap easily and securely into place, with a choice of 11 colours for coding. The block design, which allows the exact number of positions to be configured for a specific application, provides a stable, torsion-resistant honeycomb structure. Freely accessible 2.3 mm test plugs, either centred or next to the connection points, enable convenient testing under real-life conditions using standard testing accessories.

The marshalling terminals and marshalling patch-boards can be configured at on the Phoenix Contact website. A simple click is all that is needed to order the colour you need. Phoenix Contact offers models in blue for use in Ex i safety circuits rated at up to 60 V.


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