CP Electronics’ Sophisticated RAPID Lighting Control System Just Got Slicker

RapidThe flagship RAPID fully addressable lighting control system from CP Electronics has been effectively applying intelligent control and energy efficiency in thousands of buildings across the UK for over 20 years.   

This year sees the launch of the next generation of RAPID: a smarter, evolved and cutting-edge solution to answer the most complex lighting control scenarios.

This advanced system combines state-of-the-art technology and modular mechanics with an easy-to-use front end PC software and graphical interface.    This provides solutions for the most demanding lighting control and energy measurement applications, without the cost and complexity of other systems.  Key highlights of the system include a cleverly engineered expandable lighting control module (LCM), improved area controller and new energy measurement technology.

RAPID can be configured to control rooms and areas with lighting control modules networked together from an area controller on each floor.  An entire multi-floor building network can be created where the area controllers on each floor are linked together with a backbone network cable.  Where a building operates an open BMS system, it can be interfaced using CP’s BACnet gateway.  RAPID also offers full future-proofing as it can be reconfigured to changing requirements throughout a building’s lifecycle.

The introduction of a new feature packed lighting control module spearheads the technological advance of CP’s RAPID range, providing benefits to the specifier and installer alike.  It is now available with 8 or 12 outputs, and the 8 output unit can be expanded to 12 with a 4-output plug-in module.  The unique (patent pending) modular feature forms a perfect solution for reduced material and labour cost at both CatA and CatB stages of a build.  It also allows for the mixing of dimming protocols and volt free options on a single LCM.  Now with additional interface capacity the integration of switches, detectors and scene plates could not be simpler.  

Also being introduced with the lighting control module, is the new RAPID area controller.  This now combines 3 switchable field BUS outputs together with TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity via and RJ45 port that allows the area controller to become part of the building network via an IP address.  The area controller also has an integrated time scheduler with battery backup for timed events and a numerical keypad with passcode to enable different levels of access.  There is also a range of modular DIN rail enclosures that allows for the area controller and other RAPID DIN Rail components to be fitted.

CP’s RAPID now also offers comprehensive energy measurement technology that is available exclusively on the latest generation of lighting control modules and DALI gateways.  Using patented technology, it measures the energy consumption of all luminaires connected to a module on the RAPID system.  In a database it then logs all the associated reports for access via a web-based reporting suite or at the front- end PC.  The data is also available in XML format so that the user can utilise a third party tool for analysis.

Other benefits include graduated daylight linking which saves the maximum amount of energy by reducing the light output gradually in lighter areas near windows and increasing in darker areas, thus retaining comfort levels for occupants. Testing and monitoring of emergency luminaires is also available using DALI EMPRO integrated with the front-end PC software.  RAPID is fully implemented and supported by CP Electronics’ in-house team of engineers and through their accredited CP system partners.


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