Verbatim Launches Attractive and Easy-to-install LED Track Lights for Retail and Museum Lighting

Verbatim TrackLightingExpanding its range of high quality luminaires, Verbatim has launched two lines of LED track lights for impressive accent lighting in retail, museum and gallery venues.

The non-dimmable product line - consisting of four different variants - is geared towards customers looking for easy track light installation and operation at low cost. The other line – which is dimmable - features six products delivering greater lumen output, efficacy and lifetime alongside enhanced luminaire housing design features.

Ideal for accent and spotlighting, the LED track light heads provide a white colour temperature ranging from 3000K to 4000K depending on which SKU is chosen. The products come with a range of accessories, including an anti-glare snoot for the dimmable line and a honeycomb louvre for glare reduction in the non-dimmable line.

Available in three power ratings (15W, 28W and 48W), the dimmable range of track lights delivers an exceptional light output of up to 4600lm, luminous efficacy of up to 96lm/W and a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The non-dimmable range (with 25W and 40W options) provides luminous flux of up to 3100lm, efficacy of up to 77.5lm/W and a lifetime of 35,000 hours.

The track light heads can swivel up to 350° and tilt 180° to provide excellent orientation of light in different directions. Flexibility is further enhanced thanks to their 3-wire adapter ensuring the luminaires are easy to integrate, position and adjust using standard track systems.

All the mains voltage LED track lights come with 40-degree beam angle although the reflectors can easily be swapped over on site for alternatives offering either 20-degree or 25-degree beam angles for the dimmable and non-dimmable track lights respectively. The tracklight luminaire housing is painted white for a discreet location in ceilings with black and silver finishes available on request.

The new Verbatim luminaires will serve to replace inefficient HIT track lights in retail outlets and museums. HIT track lights are not dimmable, take a long time to reach maximum lumen output and emit IR- and UV radiation which can be detrimental to meat, bakery and confectionary products as well as to garments, paintings and artefacts.

“Verbatim has already gained a huge amount of success in the retrofit LED lamp market so it’s a natural progression to extend our business into LED luminaires,” explains Dick C. Hoogerdijk, General Manager LED EUMEA, Verbatim. “Our new range of LED track lights and accessories aimed at retailers, museums and galleries complement the LED panels developed for workplace applications and spotlight fixtures for hospitality settings.”

Sold through business-to-business channels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Verbatim’s dimmable LED track lights (product numbers 52452, 52453, 52454, 52455, 52456 and 52457) have already been installed at Milano Spacemakers, a design consultancy based in Italy, while the other product line (52436, 52437, 52438 and 52439) has been piloted in Bo Concept, a retail store located in Bonn, Germany.


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