WLAN From Phoneix Contact Now Suitable For Ethernet I/P Applications

FL WLAN 5100Phoenix Contact now offers new firmware for the FL WLAN 5100 access points for wireless Ethernet/IP communication in automation applications.

The fastest WLAN data rate is now automatically used for transmission thanks to a modified transmission process for the Ethernet/IP multicast data. Not only does this mean shorter and more stable transmission times during communication, it also increases the available bandwidth in the WLAN network. It can be easily configured by the user and activated via a pre-configured Ethernet/IP profile on the web interface. Experts still have the option to individually adjust the parameters to suit their requirements.

All FL WLAN 5100 access points can be updated with the new version using the free firmware, which can be downloaded from the Phoenix Contact website. The firmware can be found on the relevant detail page for the item under the Software category in the Downloads tab.


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