CP Controls New Training Ground for ‘The Seagulls’

EBH Training GroundVersatile lighting control systems from the UK’s leading control specialists CP Electronics has been installed in the new state-of-the-art American Express Elite Football Performance Centre in Lancing, West Sussex.

CP has supplied its Rapid and Vitesse Plus lighting control systems which were chosen specifically for this project due to their flexibility and ease of configuration to any floor space layout.

Rapid and Vitesse Plus systems were installed throughout the distinctive Y shaped, training and teaching facility for Brighton and Hove Albion whose players are known as “The Seagulls”.  The new building includes 11 full and half size pitches, an indoor pitch to provide all year round playing facilities and a secure accommodation area for the clubs professional squad and academy youth team.  A separate wing is used for common recreation, medical treatment area, gym, offices, teaching space and a media centre.  The whole facility has been designed to meet the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan.  

Supplied by Newey & Eyre, Crawley and installed by NG Bailey, CP’s Rapid fully addressable and networkable system has been used within all areas of the new training centre.  Combining advanced technology with an easy to use graphical interface, Rapid’s modular controls can be networked together on each floor or for multi floor layouts can be linked together using Rapid Area Controllers.  The system can be easily incorporated into any building design and can be configured to control specific rooms, floors or entire multi floor building functions.  The use of CP’s Rapid at the new training centre has provided easy control of scene setting in training and meeting room areas.

CP’s Vitesse Plus lighting distribution system has also been installed in offices, toilets and corridors for presence detection and, for office areas with natural lighting, it also incorporates daylight dimming.  Vitesse Plus adds intelligence and SELV control inputs to CP’s range of lighting control systems.  Each Vitesse Plus lighting control module has 10 luminaire outputs which can be configured as three channels for switching and dimming.  The Vitesse system also assists with the testing of emergency lighting and provides a high level of lighting control without the need for a control network function.

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