New Explosion-proof LED Area Lights from Glamox Minimise Energy Consumption and Maintenance Costs

TX65 Ex-protected LEDLighting solutions specialist Glamox has launched a range of powerful, lightweight, explosion-proof (Ex de) LED area lights that are suitable for installation in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous gas environments, including marine and onshore oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

The innovative design of the area light provides a combination of benefits for end users, including high energy efficiency, superior lighting quality and longer operating life (100,000 hours at 45°C ambient temperature), resulting in significant savings in installation, operation and maintenance costs.

The new TX65 range of Ex-protected LED area lights from Glamox is manufactured in accordance with the European Directive (ATEX) and IECEx standards. Available as pole- or ceiling-mounted units, the TX65 can also be supplied as a two-module version. The TX65 is designed for general illumination duties at medium and high suspension heights in harsh, hazardous environments, particularly onshore oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Alan Mellows, UK Sales Director at Glamox International comments: “Compared to conventional, equivalent high pressure sodium lamps, the TX65 can reduce energy consumption by up to 75 per cent. In addition, the TX65 is designed as a virtually maintenance-free unit, resulting in significantly increased maintenance intervals – typically five to ten times higher than conventional lighting solutions.”

“As hazardous area lights are normally installed in inaccessible locations that are difficult to reach without using scaffolding or rope access, the increased maintenance intervals associated with the TX65 result in substantial cost savings for end users, particularly if they have hundreds or thousands of lamps installed. Reduced maintenance also means reduced risk of injuries to workers accessing the area lights,” added Mellows.

Long life and excellent heat management
Heat management is a critical factor in the operational life and energy efficiency of an LED area light. The TX65 is designed to meet this challenge, providing a high quality light output and high performance in ambient temperatures ranging from -50°C to +55°C. The degree of protection of the TX65 is achieved without the use of flame paths that would require inspection and maintenance. The TX65 also offers a superior colour rendition index compared to high-pressure sodium lamps, therefore providing an improved working environment.

Conventional hazardous area lighting technology has high mercury content, whereas the TX65 contains no toxic substances. The energy consumption, CO2 and NOX emissions are approximately 70% less than conventional floodlights. Furthermore, because of its significantly reduced power consumption with no inrush currents, the number of electrical circuits required for the TX65 can be reduced (more floodlights can share the same circuit). A wider choice of fuses and cable lengths are also available.

The life of an LED light fitting is dependent on the technology used, the installation environment and the ambient temperatures. At a typical onshore oil refinery or petrochemical plant, the TX65’s maintenance intervals may increase by five times or more compared to conventional lighting solutions. Under optimal conditions, the TX65 area light will last the lifetime of the installation itself.

The TX65 is available in 110V up to 254V variants, with lumen output ratings from 3000 lm up to 9000 lm (2-module version). The TX65 is also covered by a five-year warranty.

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