ProSoft Technology Wins “Partner of the Year” Award at Schneider Electric

Partner of the Year awardProSoft Technology® has been awarded the First Prize “Partner of the Year 2013” honor by Schneider Electric’s Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP)

“ProSoft Technology’s in-house and on the field operational processes, its customer-oriented mind-set and commitment to support OEMs and system integrators while always keeping in mind end user satisfaction has been once again recognized,” said Loic Regnier, Industry Business – Strategy and Partnerships Deployment Director at Schneider Electric.

Countries from all around the globe, represented by local CAPP Champions, voted and selected their three preferred partners, an internal “audit” that is conducted yearly. Criteria for the selections included factors such as the products and high-tech solutions themselves, and the sales and technical support offered locally by the partner, both before and after the sale. The partners with the highest marks are honored.

The awards were given at the Xcelerate 2014 event in Cannes, France. The Schneider Electric event gives system integrators and CAPP partners the opportunity to develop their skills, collaborate and grow together.

ProSoft Technology® designs industrial communication solutions that connect automation products seamlessly. ProSoft Technology is a highly diversified, customer intimate, global organization with a focus on quality and ease-of-use. Their products include in-chassis communication modules for PLC/PAC controllers, standalone protocol gateways, and a wide range of robust, field-proven wireless solutions. These are found in applications spanning the industrial marketplace.

With 500 distributors and regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North America, ProSoft Technology® provides an unparalleled support to customers worldwide.

ProSoft Technology® Phone: +44 (0) 7415 864 902

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