Eaton's Latest IEC Low Voltage Power Assembly Offers Excellent Safety Standards and Maximised Uptime

Power Xpert CXEaton has launched Power Xpert CX, its latest IEC low voltage power assembly with ratings up to 5,500 A.

The CX is a flexible, modular distribution centre that is manufactured to customer requirements and so is ideally suited for reliable power distribution and motor control functionality in commercial and industrial applications.

The CX’s flexibility means that systems with a minimal footprint can be built, using approaches such as multiple busbar configurations, quad-stacked air circuit breaker (ACB) sections, integrated distribution and motor control, and customisable cubicle shapes and line-ups. This advantage can be critical in applications such as data centres, where maximum space is required for revenue-earning equipment. Optimum flexibility is achieved with multiple possibilities for fixed, plug-in, removable or fully withdrawable functional units, with accessibility for front and/or rear access.

“Power Xpert CX offers a state of the art solution for power distribution and motor control in a single low voltage platform”, comments Paul Ryan, UK Segment Sales Manager at Eaton. “Its mechanical and electrical design plus its systems automation possibilities ensure minimum downtime with excellent operator safety – and it delivers these features with a low total cost of ownership, due to its high functional density and low maintenance costs.”

Operator safety has also been carefully considered. The system meets the criteria for personnel protection as described in IEC/TR 61641, the guide for testing under conditions of arcing due to internal fault. The CX assemblies have been tested with optional arc mitigation features to improve safety performance under arcing conditions and Eaton ACBs equipped with the ArcFlash Reduction Maintenance System simply and reliably reduce fault clearing time while protecting operators by limiting the available arc flash energy. Screening plates provide segregation from live parts during modification or exchange operations. Easily-manoeuvrable separation plates allow safe changes to compartment layout and sizing.

The CX range is designed to support multiple business-critical services in today’s commercial buildings, industrial premises and data centres, where uptime must be maximised. Multiple interlocking possibilities restrict access, avoiding problems from human errors. Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) prevents unnecessary shutdown arising from a short circuit. It controls circuit breakers to provide selectivity with very short interruption times for the breaker nearest the fault. Fast breaker tripping also means that incident energy levels and their threat to operator safety are reduced dramatically.

Downtime can be pre-empted by the CX integrated metering solutions, which include real-time monitoring, overload pre-warning and breaker health indication. If problems do occur, uptime can be maximised using Eaton’s Automatic Transfer Switching system (ATS) that offers solutions such as synchronised switching between multiple power sources. Power System Automation (PSA) solutions also maximise the uptime and resilience of a power distribution installation; they exert automatic control and capture trend information from the power system through instrumentation and control devices.

All customer-specific configurations are built in Eaton factories using Eaton devices with proven track records and components that meet IEC 60947 and related standards. Complete system safety is ensured and verified by testing according to IEC 61439-2 for low voltage switchgear. Eaton performs a further set of routine tests in their own global factories and has a thorough quality control regime in place that extends beyond IEC 61439’s stringent requirements.

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