Eaton Expands IT Infrastructure Offering with Modular REC Rack Systems

REC Series IT racksEaton has announced it has added to its IT infrastructure offering with the launch of the new REC Series IT racks.

The new units can also be assembled into energy saving aisle containment configurations, and they expand on the successful RE racks launched earlier this year offering the same set of features including castors, grounding kit, step-less positioning rails, U markings and quick release lockable sides. Other important features include increased height, depth and carrying capacity making the ready-to-go enclosures suitable for small, medium and large data centres.

“The new REC Series IT racks with aisle containment capabilities have been designed specifically with value added resellers and system integrators in mind,” Steven Wechter, product manager, Eaton EMEA, explains. “This modular system is designed to make it fast and easy to design, deliver and install rack-based aisle containment solutions.’’

Available in 42U and 47U heights, and depths of 1000mm and 1200mm, a full range of rack accessories including airflow and cable management accessories support the cabinets.  The racks can easily be assembled into aisle containment configurations with split swing style end-of-row doors and 600mm or 800mm wide ceiling segments designed for 1200mm wide containment aisles.  

The REC series provides the foundation for larger variations of Eaton’s recently launched Intelligent Power Pod platform, which includes UPSs, rack PDUs, power management software and services. By utilising this portfolio of products and services, integrators can install their preferred IT equipment and software and deliver a fully integrated system to their customer.

“With the REC Series, Eaton now offers a very versatile set of racks and aisle containment products to complement its UPS, rack PDU, software and service offering, to meet the requirements of this important sector,” added Steven Wechter.

The REC Series is the latest addition to Eaton’s range of IT infrastructure solutions which also includes the RE Series racks for small, value-oriented applications and the RP Series, a high-performance enclosure system for all application sizes.

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