Delmatic Return to 99 Bishopsgate

99 BishopsgateDelmatic has supplied a new lighting management system for the restack of seven office floors at 99 Bishopsgate in London.  

This project continues Delmatic’s long association with the twenty-six storey building which was originally equipped with a Delmatic system in 1995.  A plug-in upgrade in 2005 converted the former proprietary controls into open Lon technology while the current restack introduces latest Dali dimming technology.

The new system incorporates Delmatic’s latest ten-output Dali plug-in control modules, Dali presence detectors and multisensors, as well as network routers.  The new system connects to the existing vertical buswire network and is managed and monitored from the existing head-end PC.  Graphical head end software enables lighting to be monitored and managed through drag-and-drop controls and includes lamp run-time and lamp failure monitoring.

The Dali plug-in modules provide total flexibility enabling lighting switching and dimming arrangements to be configured to suit the requirements of incoming tenants.  Energy-efficiency is assured through presence detection, absence detection and daylight linking and the scheme uses Delmatic’s latest Dali sensors which are fully configurable for presence or absence detection.   Delmatic’s Dali Plug-in modules also provide all the advantages of Dali without the need to address any ballasts on site.

The restack project benefits from Delmatic’s policy of ensuring that new modules and routers are backward-compatible to previous generations of the system and may be managed and monitored from earlier versions of software.  

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