Socomec Market Leaders in Integrated Power Solutions Present the Modulys GP2

MODULYS GP 2.0Critical buildings and facilities are challenged with constantly evolving demands on energy performance.  The supply of reliable, cost-effective power which can be scaled to meet the rapidly changing demands of a Data Centre is a vital component of the overall performance of the data facility.

Socomec’s Modulys Green Power UPS - designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity and scalability - is ideal for use in the most demanding critical IT applications and Data Centres.  

The range offers power scalability up to 600kW, making it ideal for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions.

Furthermore, the installed power of a single system can be increased up to 200kW by adding power modules in increments of 25kW.  For increased power and maximum flexibility, 3 parallel systems can be configured horizontally to achieve 600kW.

Achieving the desired power scaling is simple:  the units feature a redundant architecture employing parallel Plug-In modules.  When a new power or battery module is plugged in, the system automatically self-configures to bring the new capacity online.  

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec, comments; “Socomec’s Modulys GP2.0 delivers unrivalled flexibility – solving some of our customers’ greatest challenges in terms of redundancy and future availability.  Because the system is modular – and the cabinet is free from electronic components – potential failure modes have been eliminated and end-of-life criticality ceases to be an issue.  Furthermore, the system also allows for the easy integration of future modules.   Rather than overspecify – and ovespend - in order to guarantee that a system is futureproof, the Modulys range means that Facilities Managers can now scale as and when they need to.

Additional redundancy can be achieved by introducing one more battery and power module – so there is no need to duplicate the system hardware to achieve redundancy.  With no single point of failure – and zero risk of fault propogation – the Modulys is totally resilient and guarantees optimum power availability.”

With real-time Hot Swap functionality, module maintenance is simple, fast and safe – avoiding any risk of downtime as the mean time to repair (MTTR) is reduced to a minimum.  

The Modulys range has been engineered to be highly adaptable; based on a modular, rack-mounting system, it has been designed to work with hot / cold aisle arrangements.  Easy to integrate within existing IT infrastsructure, the Modulys is also easy to position and assemble thanks to its light, empty cabinets and independent modules.

Andrew Wilkinson continues; “In order to address the most important industry challenges – of today and tomorrow -  the latest product developments require a specialized and inter-disciplinary approach to provide high performance, reliable and cost-effective power solutions that are flexible enough to be scaled to meet the rapidly changing demands of Data Centres.

Socomec invests heavily in pioneering research and product design in order to deliver world-class innovations that solve our industry’s greatest challenges in terms of energy availability, efficiency, flexibility, monitoring and sustainability – whilst also minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.”

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