Bus Connectors for Electronics Housing from Phoenix Contact

ME-TBUS-4P1SFor the ME and ME-MAX housing systems, Phoenix Contact now offers DIN rail connectors for the transmission of serial and parallel signals between the individual modules.

Users can easily extend the functionality of existing installations, thanks to the new ME-TBUS 4P1S bus connectors.
The bus connectors provide four positions for parallel data transmission and one position for serial data transmission. They can be snapped onto the DIN rail directly, saving space, and as such enable easy and efficient wiring of the device system. The housings just need to be attached and they are then immediately connected securely.

A five-pos. bus adapter enables the user to make even better use of the PCB surface, from an overall width of 35 mm. The bus connectors and adapters reduce the wiring effort, increase the ease of data transmission, and as such, reduce sources of error. Both series are available in overall widths of 17.5 mm and 22.5 mm.

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