Front Adapters for Signal and Power Wiring from Phoenix Contact

Universal front adaptersThe new universal front adapters enable you to quickly wire modules to the Simatic S7-300 controller.

The adapter versions for signal and power wiring are not only suitable for applications with high voltages and currents, they are also suitable for small and analog switching signals. They are used for a switching capacity of up to 250 V AC/DC and 6 A.

The adapter can be connected to the terminal block quickly and error-free, thanks to the use of plug-in components. In order to use the full scope of functions of a modular terminal block, the connection to the Clipline complete modular terminal block range is on the field side. In addition, the encapsulated housing with touch-proof design enables safe handling.

The front adapters are available in four connection versions according to the application requirements. 20 and 40-pos modules can either be connected via Combi connectors or via open cable ends in rope structure. A version with a reduced overall connector width is available for applications where space is limited.

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