Concord Beacon Muse At Howick Garden Visitor Centre

Howick HallConcord, has recently lit a major renovation project to create a new visitor centre at Howick Hall, Northumberland.

The original entrance hall has been entirely refurbished and has integrated Concord’s Beacon Muse and Stadium Evo 2 spotlight luminaires to illuminate key information panels and highlight the architectural details of this neo-classical interior.

The new Visitor Centre is at the heart of the Grade II* listed building which is the ancestral home to the Earl Grey after whom the famous tea is named. The centre provides detailed information that tells the story behind the hall, and its unique gardens and arboretum as they evolved through generations of family members and passionate gardeners.

Williams Design Associates was appointed to refurbish the space, develop the display content, design the information displays, design a lighting scheme, and manage the entire project on behalf of the Howick Trustees. Working closely with Iain Spencer   Concord’s Project Engineer, Colin Williams designed the lighting scheme to give a memorable ambience to this very elegant space, to accent the architectural details, and to provide high quality illumination on the graphic panels.

The criteria was to provide a dynamic and stylish installation, with low running costs and low maintenance, and with inbuilt flexibility to accommodate future developments as the centre evolves.

“We have used Concord’s Beacon Muse in the past and it has proved a reliable, efficient and contemporary fixture of the highest quality,” explains Colin Williams. “With Concord’s Lytebeam, we were able to minimise physical work to the listed building fabric, and provide both ambient and precisely directed glare-free illumination”.

Using Concord’s Lytebeam Track, the Beacon Muse LED and Stadium Evo 2 spotlights were positioned to highlight key information panels. The Concord Beacon Muse LED uses cutting-edge technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight. This meant Williams Design Associates could adjust and specify the ideal positioning for these luminaires without having to worry about beam spread, focal length and future changes to the displays.

Not only does this fully adjustable Beacon Muse spotlight integrate seamlessly within the visitor centre, but it also provides all the benefits of LED technology, with considerable reduction in energy consumption over traditional light sources such as halogen.

Both Concord’s Beacon Muse LED and Stadium Evo 2 require minimum maintenance. 50,000 hours life at 70% luminous flux means that no lamp replacements are required at this busy site. Coupling the energy efficient lighting system with the enhanced pure and clear lighting effect, Concord lighting has proved essential in the renovation of Howick Hall’s visitor centre.

Additional lighting provided by Havells Sylvania for this project included the Lumiance InVerto which was used to light the café and toilets answering the demand for a contemporary decorative LED luminaire with both its easy-to-install and a stylish design.  L3 emergency lighting was also installed as a reliable and energy efficiency solution to the all-important emergency lighting.

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