Concord Illuminates Hedonism Wines

Hedonism winesAchieving ‘kerb appeal’ in Mayfair, London is a tall order but that is just what the owners of Hedonism Wines wanted to achieve when they refurbished their store.

As part of the scheme, lighting designer, Speirs + Major, has used Concord’s award-winning Beacon Muse spotlight to help create a dramatic and eye-catching lighting design that stands out by day and night.    

Alongside the aesthetic challenges, Speirs + Major, and interior designer, Universal Design Studio, needed a lighting scheme that would create the correct ambient conditions and help maintain the temperature in the store at 16°C on lower ground floor and 17°C on ground floor. This is because wines and alcoholic beverages need to be stored carefully and protecting them from light exposure damage is essential. Beacon Muse with its low heat and low UV LED source, as well as on-board dimming meant it was able to comfortably handle the precise scene setting requirements.

Installed on a three circuit track, Beacon Muse has an adjustable beam angle system offering a wide 65˚ flood which can be tightened to a 10˚ spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors. This allows the owners to selectively highlight the wines and bottles on display and easily change lighting the configuration if the store design is changed.

Concord Beacon Muse is a high-quality spotlight which provides all the benefits of LED technology, no UV / IR radiation, 50,000 hours life at 70% luminous flux, maintenance free applications and a considerable reduction in energy consumption over traditional light sources such as halogen. The Beacon Muse incorporates a discrete on board dimmer providing control from 100% to 0%, and also collective track dimming options, essential requirements for museums, galleries and high end retail applications. The contemporary all die-cast aluminium design is supplied with a turned single piece aluminium front helix with engraved beam angles for simple and easy adjustment.

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