Concord Creates Unity Between Light and Design

Unity LED linear systemConcord, the architectural lighting specialist, is proud to introduce Unity a versatile modular LED linear system.

Unity is designed for creating innovative lighting runs and spatial frameworks in open plan office spaces, class rooms, corridors, circulation spaces, receptions, libraries and lecture theatres. With its clean lines and design-focused aesthetics, the system is unmistakably Concord.

Unity, with its flexible modular suspended system can be configured to create varied overhead lighting patterns in triangular, square, rectangular and straight run formations, including a change in level such as stairwells. Available in 1.2m, 2.4m and 3.6m lengths, Unity has a choice of white and silver finishes. Horizontal and vertical couplers are available to manipulate Unity into precise configurations, perfect for applications where space is limited.

The new mid-power LED technology housed within Unity, has allowed for an incredibly compact form factor which is also highly-efficient (2624lm delivered from 37W at 71lm/W for a 1.2m module). The reduction in dimensions (just 138 x 56mm) compared to traditional lamp sources, such as T5, is very noticeable. Light output is a 70/30 split – with 70% of the light direct and 30% indirect, Unity ensures the right balance of illumination in any environment.

Depending on end-user requirements, both micro-prismatic (direct / indirect) and louvre versions of Unity are available, alongside 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures. With an impressive LED life of 50,000 hours, and rapid installation using fast connectors to electrically / mechanically connect modules end to end, Unity helps to reduce the costs of installation, maintenance and running costs within an organisation.

“Unity is a unique addition to the Concord range, the sheer range of mounting and connectivity options means creating a bespoke suspended lighting scheme is very simple,” comments Neil Solanki, SBU Manager Concord, at Havells Sylvania. “As each Unity unit has its own power feed, it can work in almost any combination, its coupler-less design allows additional Unity units to branch off anywhere along a run.”

Various integral sensor control options are available for Unity, incorporating energy-saving methods such as occupancy detection via PIR, including daylight harvesting, or the revolutionary Organic Response lighting control system. In addition, Unity will be offered with a 5-year warranty on parts and labour for worry-free specification.     

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