Sylvania and LIFX Are A Match Made In Colour

LIFX Hero3Sylvania has partnered with internet kickstarter sensation, LIFX, to offer a pioneering new lighting technology.  LIFX, distributed by Sylvania, is re-inventing the light bulb as we know it; this is a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-colour, energy efficient LED lamp that can be controlled with a smartphone.

Whether it is to have a beautiful splash of colour to create moods or scenes in a room, or to find the right white light to meet your needs, LIFX distributed by Sylvania offers users an astonishing 16 million colours at their fingertips and allows a variety of different scenes to be set to suit moods and tasks. Using a free App (iOS or Android versions), users can control the colour, brightness and dimming levels of their LIFX lamps as well as create scenes. New features of the app are being added all the time, the new Music Visualiser enables the lights to interact with music being played and soon the LIFX app will enable a host of features including alarm linked automatic control and using LIFX Cloud, the LIFX lamps will be controllable changed from anywhere in the world.

“At Havells Sylvania, we are pleased to be working with LIFX, the company is a great example of an entrepreneurial and creative start-up that pushes the boundaries of design and performance in lighting,” comments Christian Schraft, President of Havells Sylvania Europe who also points out, “It is through partnerships like these that our customers will continue to benefit from the world-class solutions they've come to expect from us."

Phil Bosua, LIFX CEO says, “Our distributors are a vital part of the mix and we’re excited to work with likeminded and passionate people to build the brand around the world. Sylvania has a strong heritage in creating revolutionary lighting solutions and is keen to push boundaries. We are delighted to be partnering with the company across Europe.”
Potential uses for the LIFX lamp are very exciting – it is possible to create a system whereby it can wake you up in the morning, deliver notifications or even ward off intruders with a patent-pending security mode. For instance, a lamp could be set as a white light that blinks green when you get a notification on your smartphone or to blink when someone rings the door bell – the options are limitless and exciting.

The LIFX lamp is extremely easy to install, it is just a case of replacing existing lamps with the LIFX bulb. As well as offering various colour options the LIFX bulb is also extremely energy-efficient as it utilises LED technology and can last up to 20 years (depending on annual hours used).

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