buildingSMART International Seeks to Broaden Engagement

A strategy to open BuildingSMART International (bSI) – the parent organisation of the buildingSMART network – to wider direct participation and encourage the industry to engage with its programmes is being implemented.

Under the new strategy, bSI will become a broad-based membership organisation, allowing new international members to participate directly at the centre, while benefiting from bSI’s global network of regional chapters.

Key features at a glance

Key features of the strategic changes include:

-    A wider membership base, with full participation in the development of our standards through a new Standards Committee;
-    Compliance, bSI certification and validation to be given a higher profile;
-    Coverage of certification to be extended beyond BIM software to include the accreditation of people and organisations implementing BIM; and the number of centres offering buildingSMART certification to be increased;
-    A new chapter strategy, defining a clearer, stronger role for bSI's regional chapters - to include co-ordinating work on projects, bringing their expertise to central bSI programmes, and playing a more prominent role in software certification, education and training.
-    A new simplified structure to facilitate easier access to our programmes and expand our capacity to deliver standards.
-    A range of new membership categories to encourage participation and provide strong user input to drive development of appropriate and relevant standards - underwritten by the creation of a Strategic Advisory Council for major international players.
-    A new 'room' for Building Regulators to be added to bSI's existing four rooms (process, product, technical and infrastructure), where projects are initiated and co-ordinated.


These changes were agreed by the bSI International Council at its annual meeting in Beijing in May 2014, and will mean that bSI is well-placed to play a leading role in open BIM-related work. The new membership structure is implemented with immediate effect, while the new developments in certification will follow in the second half of the year.


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