Mackwell – Size IS Everything

Mackwell SSDLeading lighting technology solutions provider Mackwell has developed a revolutionary Solid State Driver (SSD) that provides a unique way to harness the power of LED’s.

The new SSD technology enables dramatic miniaturisation of LED drivers by creating an integrated onboard ASIC with no electrolytic components, that sits directly on the LED light engine. The resulting product is more durable, efficient and reliable, with an extremely high performance and longevity.

Mackwell SSD technology has been employed in a range of fully solid state, self-ballasted LED module solutions and uses LED AC direct technology without the need for complicated circuits, inductors or capacitors used in SMPS or AC/DC LED drivers. Because the chip sits on the LED engine, mains power can be supplied direct, without the need for a standard LED driver.

The compact proportions of the device allows incorporation in low profile designs whilst offering all the benefits of a much larger unit, including high efficiency >90%, high power factor >0.95, THD 15%, low in-rush current and dimming 1 – 10%. Mackwell also provides support and consultancy services to enable OEM’s to realise the full potential and maximise the design potential that SSD technology offers.

As part of Mackwell’s total lighting technology strategy, investment in R & D has been at the forefront of the company’s operation, allowing many innovative LED solution to be brought to the market.  With this in mind, Mackwell will be offering a range of standard form sized SSD LED light engines, in addition to providing assistance for manufacturers wishing to make their own bespoke designs. 

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