xEnergy Panelbuilder Training Videos

xEnergy videosPower management company Eaton has launched a series of informative videos that show panel builders, in a clear and readily understandable way, how to work with and get the best from the company’s modular xEnergy low-voltage main distribution switchboard system.

There are five videos in the series. Each deals with one of the main assembly types available in the xEnergy system – which include fixed, removable and fully withdrawable assemblies – and illustrates how the key components fit together.

The videos can be accessed online by visiting the Eaton Europe website www.eaton.eu and following the links to xEnergy main distribution systems. Alternatively, a CD version of the videos, from which a step-by-step assembly guide for xEnergy can be printed, is available to xEnergy partners and to companies with an interest in exploring the many technical and business benefits that an Eaton xEnergy partnership provides.

“Our modular xEnergy system is exceptionally versatile,” said Berhard Gegenbauer, Product Line Manager at Eaton. “And it offers panel builders a convenient and cost-effective way of producing attractive and reliable main distribution boards rated up to 5,000 A, which comply fully with IEC 60439-1 and IEC 61439-2. Our new instructional videos make the xEnergy system even simpler to work with, allowing new users in particular to save valuable time on building the assemblies. The videos are an effective addition to the comprehensive support that Eaton already provides for its panel builder partners.”

The xEnergy system from Eaton gives panel builders a convenient solution to the challenge of producing design-verified switchgear assemblies with long reliable working lives. The versatility of the system means that users can choose between fixed, removable or full withdrawable technologies to produce switchboards that optimally match the requirements of the application. Designed with safety in mind, the xEnergy system also provides the best possible protection for people and equipment.

The videos in the new xEnergy series cover: XP power sections, including incomers, outgoers and couplers; XF fixed assemblies, such as power outgoers with circuit breakers and fuse switch disconnectors; XR removable assemblies, which are plug-in modules that can be replaced under live-line working conditions; XW fully withdrawable assemblies, which offer easy maintenance without the need for special tools; and XG general sections to accommodate miscellaneous equipment such as control devices and power factor correction capacitors.

Panel builders who are interested in becoming an xEnergy partner are encouraged to contact Eaton and apply on www.xEnergy-partner.com. Once qualified, they get full access to Eaton’s support system and the portal with comprehensive technical details, certificates, news, software etc.

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