Phoenix Contact Quint Intelligent UPS Protects Sensitive AC loads

Quint AC UPSThe Quint AC UPS uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology achieves high system availability for loads with 120 or 230 V AC and 500 VA power.

A pure sine curve is available for the output voltage, so that even sensitive loads can be operated without interference on networks from 80 to 264 V AC. The power supply is already integrated in the housing. Power storage rounds it off and converts it into an intelligent UPS solution. As such, the load is consistently supplied during mains operation as well as in the event of mains failure.

The offline UPS is combined with power storage in VRLA technology with 3.4 to 38 Ah. For a longer service life and buffer times of up to 45 minutes at 15 W power, the power storage with lithium-ion technology is ideal. The UPS-CAP power storage devices with maintenance-free dual-layer capacitors achieve a maximum service life of over 20 years at ambient temperatures of -40°C to +60°C. With VRLA-WTR batteries, buffer times of two hours at 400 W power or 40 hours at 15 W power can be achieved

The IQ technology communicates with the power storage and determines all relevant states such as voltage or temperature. With this transparency, the reliability of the UPS and the optimum use of the battery is ensured. The intelligent battery management detects the current charging state of the connected power storage device and uses this to calculate the remaining runtime. The remaining life expectancy of the battery is also known. Gaps in supply and premature shutdown of industrial PCs are completely avoided.

The information provided by the UPS can be forwarded to higher-level controllers via Ethernet or be implemented directly in control solutions from Phoenix Contact. Status information from the control system logic is available centrally there, so that the system can respond with a program routine in specific situations.


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