Megaman’s TECOH Range Makes it Easy to Upgrade to LED

Tecoh CFx in situThe TECOH range of LED light sources from Megaman provides efficient, practical solutions for upgrading existing lighting installations to the benefits of LED lighting with only minor adaptations to existing fittings.

They feature exchangeable and upgradeable capsule heads to accommodate future technical advances. There are four product families within the TECOH range – CFx, MHx, FLx and RDx.

TECOH CFx is a range of high performance twist-lock LED modules with an integrated driver for general lighting, designed in line with Zhaga Book 2 specifications. CFx sources offer two ranges with the extendable life dimmable option lumen packages of 1200 and 2000 lumens (20 and 30W respectively) and the non dimming versions (same lumen output and 15 and 26W respectively), making them ideal for replacing conventional light sources such as 50W halogen and 2 x 13W or 2 x 18W compact fluorescent downlights.

TECOH MHx LED capsules have dimensions similar to G12-based ceramic metal halide lamps, with the 24W LED capsule providing a viable alternative to a 39W ceramic metal halide lamp. Key benefits over metal halide lamps include improved efficacy, longer life with extended lumen maintenance, instant start and hot re-strike and the ability to dim the lamp.

TECOH FLx light sources are linear modules that are ideal for replacing linear systems such as T8 fluorescent fittings. They are also suitable for use on track systems in display lighting applications and are designed to Zhaga Book 7 standards.

TECOH RDx is an ideal alternative to halogen lighting in retail and other applications, as it can be driven at different currents to achieve varying lumen output. A major benefit for luminaire manufacturers is that the light emitting surface is the same size for each wattage in the range, so there is no need to change reflector shapes for different TECOH RDx light sources. TECOH RDx is designed to Zhaga Book 3 standards.

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