Socomec’s Latest Innovative Low Voltage Power Solutions for Railway Infrastructure

Socomec rail infrastructure productsLow voltage electrical equipment specialists – Socomec – will present advanced solutions for the UK Rail and Mass Transportation sectors at InfraRail 2014.

High Performance Critical Power
Socomec’s IP+ Rail range of UPS equipment has been specifically engineered for the unique requirements of UK rail sector, ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient operation of rail networks and infrastructure.

Delivering robust, efficient and proven solutions, the latest Socomec UPS and Emergency Lighting technology has already been successfully implemented as part of high profile projects in both the UK and across Europe.

The EMergency UPS range protects passengers and staff in the event of a major power failure or incident, providing emergency lighting and guaranteeing the performance of other emergency systems.

Socomec’s OLI range of UPS equipment delivers the ultimate energy availability, taking inputs from both a 25kV for overhead line as well as a 400V AC mains supply.

Power Control and Safety
Socomec has an unrivalled reputation in the field of low voltage switching components and protection systems, products which perfectly match the demanding requirements of the UK Rail sector.

Standby and Dual Power Supplies - Statys and Atys – a range of manual and automatic transfer and bypass switches from 16 to 3200 Amp – provide vital support to emergency systems and signalling and guarantee alternate and standby power availability.  

Fuserbloc – a comprehensive range of high quality fuse combination systems from 20 to 1250 Amp – protects against overload and provides local safety isolation.

Power Through Control- For the latest energy management systems, Countis and Diris deliver the ultimate control improving both energy quality and efficiency via a wide range of high functionality single and three phase active energy meters, power measurement devices and network analysers : all for use with Socomec’s Vertelis software.

As with all Socomec installations, the ongoing performance of the system is managed by highly skilled and experienced engineering team with the necessary trackside training and accreditations to install and maintain equipment throughout the product lifecycle.  A nationwide network of specialist engineers provides local support 24/7/365 to guarantee operational continuity providing very low MTTR.

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