GlassGuard BlackBand® Fragment Retention Lamps Installed at German Food Factory

Heinrich Manten siteGlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps have been installed at raw meat supplier Heinrich Manten in Germany following an accidental lamp breakage.

The installation safeguards Manten’s production site against glass contamination and also protects against injury to personnel.

Whilst changing a lamp in the Manten production area, an electrician accidentally struck a fluorescent lamp against the ladder on which he was standing. This resulted in the lamp shattering causing widespread contamination of glass to the food production environment and, more seriously, injury to a colleague at the foot of the ladder.

In order to prevent a recurrence of such an incident, Manten turned to fragment retention lamp specialist GlassGuard® for a safer lighting solution. The installation of 130 GlassGuard BlackBand® insect and germicidal lamps had an immediate impact on the risk control element within the production area. Not only was the risk of injury to personnel minimised but the potential for glass contamination to Manten’s meat production was also controlled. Approximately 120 GlassGuard BlackBand® T5 standard fluorescent lamps were also installed throughout the site, including the offices.

Nina Verheyen of Manten says: “The corrective action we put in place in installing GlassGuard BlackBand® was regarded as a marked improvement to the site and was met with positive responses from all quarters, including health & safety, quality and food safety auditors”.

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSi) schemes such as BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, IFS Food and GLOBALG.A.P. all stipulate that bulbs and strip lights be adequately protected, whilst glass and similarly brittle materials must be managed to ensure they do not break and contaminate food products.

GlassGuard® fragment retention lamps, including GlassGuard BlackBand® are manufactured to EN 61549, the highest standard for fragment retention lamps. They provide an ideal solution for those looking to satisfy lighting requirements stipulated by the GFSi schemes, including building fabric and glass audit conformities.

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