Inefficient Panel Lighting is a Waste Businesses Can't Afford

Panel lights Vs Standard strip lightingThe yellowing glare of traditional strip lighting is a familiar sight in many workplaces. Many of us put up with this low quality light on a daily basis, but at what cost?

•       Lighting accounts for up to 40% of a business' electricity bill
•       LUMiLife panels consume 50% less energy than traditional T8 fluorescent fitting
•       A medium sized office could save over £355 per year by switching

Lighting accounts for up to 40% of a business’ electricity costs and is responsible for 19% of global energy use. T8 fluorescent strip lighting is extremely inefficient and with escalating energy bills and increased focus on environmental performance, that’s a waste that businesses can’t afford.

A new LED panel light from LED Hut Trade offers high quality light output whilst delivering significant energy efficiency gains. Designed for use in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and public spaces as a replacement for outdated fluorescent tube systems, the LUMiLife panels use up to 50% less energy.

At 36W, the LUMiLife panels consume half the power of the traditional 4 x 2ft T8 fluorescent fittings commonly used in commercial buildings. This offers a simple solution for businesses looking to cut both costs and carbon footprints and can also assist in achieving BREEAM assessment ratings for buildings.

A medium sized office replacing 15 traditional T8 fluorescent fittings with 12 LUMiLife LED panel light can benefit from electricity savings of around £355 per year. Due to the brightness of LED lighting (up to 3,265 lumens), fewer lighting panels are required than traditional strip lighting units.

In addition, the long life of the panels eliminates the need for maintenance costs, eradicates the cost of replacement strip lights and removes any associated disruption. LED panels have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than the lifespan of fluorescent T8 strip lighting.

“A simple switch to highly efficient, affordable light like the LUMiLife panel can achieve considerable savings for businesses and is a great demonstration of a strong commitment to the environment. What’s more, the high quality light output of LEDs offers a much more enjoyable experience for staff and customers”, explains LED HUT Trade Marketing Manager Keith Scott.


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