Sharp Europe Lights Up LED Luminaire Market

Sharp has launched 46 LED luminaire products in five product families: YUJI and HAYU for retail environments, TADA and KATO for industrial environments and YUNA, for use across both spaces.

YUJI and HAYU are affordable and optimal LED lighting solutions for retail outlets, showrooms and supermarkets. Both luminaires include Sharp’s industry-leading Mega ZENIGATA multichip, which allows the use of just one LED in a fixture to save space, whilst retaining the brightness of multiple emitters. ZENIGATA technology is highly efficient, and has a colour rendering of CRI > 80.

- YUJI is a universal spotlight designed to fit standard European 3-phase track systems. The range of subtle spotlights is versatile enough to fit into any lighting design for retail, with the option to select different colour temperatures (3,000 and 4,000 K), lumen packages (1,300 to 4,300 lm – up to 89 lm/W) and beam angles (flood 24° and wide flood 40°). DALI dimmable options are also available.
- HAYU offers all of the features of YUJI in a two in one, spotlight and downlight, which means that the lighting design can be easily changed to create different moods, or to highlight different areas and products within the retail space.

TADA and KATO are powerful and efficient lighting solutions for industrial spaces including outdoor areas, spaces with high ceilings and storage premises.

- TADA is a robust and secure  moisture-proof luminaire with a die-cast aluminium body and PC or PMMA diffuser with internal prisms, for spaces that are subject to extreme ambient conditions (IP66) such as water, impact, vibration and extreme temperatures (-25oC to 35oC). TADA offers outstanding luminous efficiency of up to 103 lm/W, lumen packages of 4,300 to 6,200 lm and quality colour rendering of >80.
- KATO provides a low bay luminaire solution, ideal for high ceiling rooms and outdoor areas thanks to its robust die-cast aluminium body and powerful light output. Quick to install, with a product service life of 50,000 hrs. (L80/B10), KATO combines high luminous efficiency of 87 lm/W with luminous flux of 11,725 lm and a correlated colour temperature of 4,000 K
- YUNA is a robust universal downlight with IP44 rating that is suitable for both retail and industrial spaces (corridors, staircases and ancillary rooms) with a high visual comfort. The downlight is a standard ceiling cut-out, easy to replace, and has a protected optical system for installation and cleaning. Including Mega ZENIGATA COB technology, YUNA provides a CRI >80. Multiple lumen packages (1,000 – 1,700 lm) and DALI dimmable variations are available.

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