Thermal Surveys from a World Leader in Infrared Windows

IRISS thermal surveysIRISS is the manufacturer of the world’s only industrial grade windows for fast, effective and safe thermal imaging. These polymer windows offer important advantages over crystal alternatives in terms of performance, application scope and longevity.  

Underpinning their development has been a deep understanding of the science behind thermal imaging and many years experience in its practical application. The founder of the company and now CEO is Martin Robinson.  He is a Level III thermographer and his knowledge gained in the field led to the introduction of the unique IRISS range.  

IRISS is clearly a company whose success is rooted in its thermographic expertise and it is now building on this foundation throughout EMEA.  It is currently developing its thermal imaging survey business to run in parallel with its supply of polymer infrared windows.  

Although the decision to grow its service business is new, IRISS has in fact been conducting thermal inspections for UK companies for many years.  The company already employs a team of highly qualified thermographers in the UK who are able to undertake preventative maintenance, condition monitoring and diagnostic infrared surveys.  

“IRISS has so much skill and experience to offer any company seeking to improve the reliability of its plant,” explained Anthony Ballard, Business Development Manager, IRISS EMEA.

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