Landlord Serves Up Serious Saving With LEDs

The PheasantThe British pub may be at the heart of the community but as many as 26 a week are sadly forced to close. It’s not easy being a landlord in these difficult economic times, customers have less cash to part with but the cost of running your business just seem to go up and up.

David Ranford runs The Pheasant in Worcester, a beautiful pub and sports bar with a 400-year history. One of David’s biggest worries, other than whether Worcester City FC will ever make it out of the Conference League, is the whopping cost of lighting the place.

David was facing electricity bills of £450 a month, not to mention the cost and disruption of maintaining faulty bulbs. With most of the lights needing to be on for over 13 hours a day, he decided to call time on his traditional fittings.

Once he’d made his decision it took just a couple of hours to replace all of the pubs 50 watt halogens with 4 watt LED GU10s from leading LED brand Lumilife. The new LED bulbs give David an 80% saving compared to the traditional technology they replaced.

“I expected significant savings but then I carried out very detailed calculations and was actually surprised to find that by replacing just 61 lights with LEDs, I would be saving well over £1,000 per year”, explains David.

“On top of that, evenings and weekend electricity prices have just increased by 90%! About 60% of my electricity used is off-peak with lighting on for up to 17 hours a day so the savings from using LEDs have increased considerably.”   

On top of the energy savings, David is looking forward to the benefit from the long life of his new LEDs. Replacing failing traditional lights is a common problem, involving high call-out costs and disruption to business. LEDs, on the other hand, can last over 20 years so David hopes to be happily retired before he has to think about changing one.

With modern technology constantly evolving, a wide variety of LED's are now available that create attractive environments for customers without guzzling electricity. With swap in/swap out bulbs available for as little a £6, they’re a simple and affordable way of helping landlords spend less time pulling their hair out over bills and more time pulling pints.

David is definitely convinced: “Having replaced all the halogens, I started to look at what other lights I could replace. I discovered that all fittings were available including full size bayonet and screw fittings used by traditional light bulbs. I now look forward to going 100% LED!”

The Lumilife LED bulbs were provided by LED Hut, a leading supplier of commercial and domestic LED lighting solutions throughout Europe.


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