Multi-functional Timer Module from Phoenix Contact

RIF-T3-24UC Timer ModuleThe multifunctional RIF-T3-24UC pluggable timer module from Phoenix Contact upgrades a relay module to a timer relay. This allows interval switching at a consistent input voltage.

The module offers three time functions: switch-on delay, single shot leading edge, and pulse. There are four time ranges of between 0.5 seconds and 100 minutes. The DIP switches are used to select the basic time range and time function, while fine adjustments of the time are performed with a potentiometer. An LED is used to monitor the switch state and to indicate incorrect settings.

The RIF-1 to RIF-4 relay bases from the new Rifline relay system can all be equipped with the timer module, which is plugged into the relay base. An input voltage of 24 V AC/DC is required to operate the module.

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