Mansell Re-appointed to £500 million South-West Public Projects Framework

Mansell, a Balfour Beatty brand, has been re-appointed on Construction Framework South West (CFSW), the region’s primary public sector procurement tool, designed to save money and deliver value through the competitive tendering process.

The framework’s ambitions are to deliver £500 million worth of building and improvement works in the South West over the next two years and strengthen employment and skills outcomes from the contracting process.

Contracts will begin to be procured in the next month and will consist of construction work on all public buildings in the South West, ranging from libraries and schools to headquarters buildings, with individual projects ranging in value from £1 million to over £30 million.

Mansell secured eleven contracts worth a total of £159 million over the four years of the last CFSW. The new framework will last for two years, with the potential to extend a further two years at the end of 2015.

Devon County Council’s Framework Manager, Justin Bennetts, said: “I am delighted that our regional Construction Framework South West has been successfully procured for a second time. The early contractor engagement, workstreams and performance management principles all remain as key and will further develop during the life time of this framework.”

Andy McAdam, Managing Director for Balfour Beatty’s South West Delivery Unit, said: “This appointment supports our position as a leading contractor in the South West construction market.  As with the first framework, Balfour Beatty is committed to employing as many local supply chain partners as possible and developing the employment skills of local people on projects which we are awarded.”

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