Hip To Be Square With Concord

Ascent 150Continuing to satisfy and working in harmony with architectural trends, Concord has introduced both the Ascent 150 and Myriad V Square LED luminaires to its already impressive range of LED downlight solutions.

Square in form and up-to-date with architectural trends, Concord’s true CFL replacements are a fine example of  imaginative luminaire design. By utilising new low power LED-chip assemblies, both LED-based luminaires offer increased light output while reducing energy consumption in comparison to previous CFL based round versions.

Whereas the Myriad V Square LED is perfect for high-end retail environments, hotels, restaurants or even luxury residential properties, Concord’s Ascent 150 Square and Ascent 150 Shadow Gap LED luminaires (which also have wallwasher versions available for the provision of vertical illumination) deliver exceptional light performance for commercial and workspace applications.

“In recent times, we have noticed that square luminaires are proving increasingly popular and wanted to provide lighting designers with a full range of options to create the most up-to-date and stylish lighting schemes,” says Fay Berry, Strategic Business Manager at Concord. “Setting the fixtures apart from market equivalents, these innovative luminaires are economical, innovative and highly efficient.

“Our Ascent 150 and Myriad V Square LED ranges once again redefine the genre of low-energy downlights,” adds Fay. “Concord has a strong heritage in this area and our LED 100 and LED 150 compact fluorescent downlights are the best-selling luminaires in the company‘s history.”

Myriad V Square LEDMyriad V Square LED
With a new 13W LED chip, the Myriad V Square provides elegant accent lighting in either a spot or flood format and has a light cut-off angle which exceeds halogen counterparts on the market today. Total power consumption for the Myriad V Square LED is just 15W, with the standard 3000K version offering an impressive 953lm of warm white light at 63.87lm/W. The 4000K version goes one further, delivering 983lm of cool white light at 65.53lm/W.

The Myriad V Square LED comes as standard with an integrated LED driver and is IP20 rated. If a bezel and reflector are fitted, then the fixture obtains IP44 status. IP65 rated options with either a white or chrome bezel, are available for high moisture environments such as an external canopy or in a bathroom.  To truly blend into the environment an additional flush ‘plaster up’ ring is available for the Myriad V; coming in silver, white and black versions, the ring creates clean ceiling lines with the minimum of fuss for the installer.

“The degree of customisation is a huge plus point to the Myriad V,” says Fay. “Being able to interchange reflectors and bezels is a huge advantage but more importantly a large variety of accessories are available including floating glass frames, alongside Kometa Square and Dropped Square additions, which allow for a level of aesthetic appeal which stretches far beyond the competition.”

Ascent 150 SquareAscent 150 Square and Ascent 150 Shadow Gap LED
Offering excellent efficiency together with a range of luminous flux outputs to suit the exact application requirement, Concord’s Ascent 150 uses new low power chip technology for quality performance and trusted reliability. Boasting low glare results of under 200 Cd/m/2 at 65˚ and above, Concord’s Ascent 150 is ideal for workspace applications and also has a wallwasher version available for the provision of vertical illumination.

The Ascent 150 range includes the Ascent 150 LED High Efficiency, the Ascent 150 LED High Output 32W, the Ascent 150 18 LED Very High Output 42W – 46W as well as a DALI dimmable and EMPRO emergency version.

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